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Team Zeus is the solution.

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Supercharge your organisation with the power of Team Zeus

Instant messaging for business

Banish internal email, improve efficiency

Shared calendars

Increased transparency, less noise

Employee directory

All contact info, centralised

User status

See who is available, instantly

File management

Share files & collaborate, securely

Meeting & resource planner

Organise meetings, effectively

Instantly improve the productivity in your organisation

  • Zero admin
  • Auto archive
  • One click to communicate

Turn your company into an efficient machine.


Embrace open communication & free up your managers

Resolve more issues at source by fostering team communication - rather than everything being directed to the manager.

If you're away from your desk and miss part of a conversation, it's easy to digest information on your return - allowing you to pick up the baton with ease.


Uncover the truth behind how your business operates

Advanced reporting provides you with ultimate transparency: see where the biggest backlogs stem from, which department needs help, and who is quickest to respond to messages.

Valuable insight is only a few clicks away.


Your company's own private instant messaging solution

All of your business communication in one place, accessible from any device and available whether you're in or out of the office.

77% of Senior Managers said that they receive 'too many' emails Independent survey of 1000 business email users, November 2015

Team Zeus is the perfect solution for any organisation




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